It’s Friday!!!

Well what a fast week it has been! Time is flying by in P6/7!

In maths this week we have come to an end of Symmetry, ready to start our new topic on Monday which is TIME.

In Writing, we had to write a poem in the style of Robert Burns, using some Scots Language. However our poems had a modern twist e.g. ‘To an Ipod’. Great effort guys, so well done. It was tricky!

On Thursdays we have been taking part in Orienteering for P.E. It’s safe to say it is hard work and very tiring, but good exercise and great fun!

Finally, a quick reminder that your Mini-Projects are due in for this coming Monday. Good Luck! We’re looking forward to seeing them.

Have a lovely weekend all,

Miss Shaw, Mrs Macleod and Mrs Prentice.

Pupils of the Month! (Dec)

Mia Macdermid – Mia has been a Super Star; running around behind the scenes of our Christmas Pantomime ‘Mission Ugly’ making sure everything went to plan and that the actors had their microphones on. It was a very stressful job but Mia coped really well under pressure and got the job done with great enthusiasm. Well done Mia!

Orrin Bishop & Ewan Murray – A BIG thank you and well done to Orrin and Ewan for their contribution to our Christmas Pantomime, Mission Ugly. The boys were fantastic on stage; bringing the show to life with their sense of humour and fab acting skills! Not to mention learning all of their lines at home. Mission Ugly was such a success – well done boys!

To The Homework

This week we are looking at the work of Robert Burns. We read his poem ‘To A Mouse’ and ‘To A Haggis’. For Writing this week we are going to write a poem in the style of Robert Burns, using Scots Language and with a modern twist!

For Homework:

  • choose a Theme to write about
  • write 3 things to describe your theme
  • write 3 Scots words

e.g. Theme – Pizza

1. delicious fillings 2. stuffed crusty rim and thin base 3. great takeaway meal

Scots words could be: tae aroon’ guid

The Poem on Wednesday could be:

To a Pizza

Yer cheesy, pepper’, tomato fillin’

Tae eat ya am very willin’

Yer stuff’d crust aroon’ the rim

Wad nae help me tae stay slim

Tis guid tae have a pizza once in a while

Sae pick up yer phone and start to dial


Who would have thought that a lovely teacher like our Mr C could turn into a raging animal! In topic this week we have been looking at segregation, persecution and stereotyping. SOME childen were picked out for special treatment…….. and others were picked out for horrible treatment.


The reason for their treatment was something completely at random, that they had no control over, eg. brown haired and brown eyed people were the favourites in one class, those with birthdays in June or September were the favourites in another. This group ate chocolates, peach loops and watched Dennis the Menace.

Anyone not in these privileged groups were PERSECUTED! They were made to do lines, star jumps, burpees, language exercises and double if they complained!

The children were unaware that Mr Cook was acting and so felt the full force of the INJUSTICE that a lot of children from World War II felt in Nazi Germany and Nazi occupied countries if they were Jewish; or from a minority group whose face didn’t fit with the Nazi ideal.

We enjoyed our discussion afterwards!

Lots of Lovely Homework!

Just a quick reminder of all your homework tasks for this week…..

  1. Pupil Council Burns Quiz/Crossword to be completed for Friday.
  2. Maths for each teacher.
  3. Spelling Homework for Friday
  4. Mandela research in preparation for Wednesday
  5. Mini Project (Mandela ) to be completed by 27.01.14

What lies ahead in Term 3!

Well it’s straight back to work for P6/7!

Here’s a quick run down of what we will be doing this term…

In Numeracy, we will be looking at Symmetry for the next couple of weeks…identifying lines of symmetry in 2d shapes and looking at rotational symmetry also.

Our new Topic in P6/7 is World War II. Before the holidays the children came up with a plan of what we want to learn and how we will go about this. We are all looking forward to getting started! The three main areas we are going to cover within WWII are:

The War at Home

The War in Europe and beyond

Discrimination/Rise of Hiltler

P.E will be as normal and will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays – so remember your kit on these days. We will soon be starting a block of Orienteering which is always good fun!

A busy time ahead!

Miss Shaw, Mrs Prentice and Mrs Macleod.