‘Mission Ugly!’

Last week we saw Primary 6/7 take to the stage with the pantomime which they wrote, based on the storyline of Cinderella, ‘Mission Ugly!’.

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The pantomime began with a twisted storyline which saw the poor Princess Cindy (Rachael L) being tricked by her evil brother Princey (Grant N) when they were only six years old. Luckily Cindy had been ‘found’ by the Baron (Josh) and Baroness (Betsy). Not so lucky however was the fact that Cindy had to live with her two ug . . . we mean beautiful sisters – Iona (Ewan M) and Emma (Orrin) Long-bottom.

026 027 028

Flash forward 15 years and there is a ball for Princey’s 21st birthday. After a little help from Buttons (Griffin), Q (Ryan), and of course, the Fairy God Mother (Nina/Amy W), Cindy finally gets to the ball.

030 031 032

Just when Princey and Maxi-Me (Angus) think they’ve stolen the crown, a spell from the Tooth Fairy goes wrong when Button blocks it with a metal tray. The clock strikes twelve, Cindy remembers everything.

035 034 039

At this point, Jeremy Kyle (Mr Cook) bursts into the audience after missing the ball. After a song, he sets off to fixing the situation with a DNA test (Daniel W) and a lie-detector test (Aaron P). A sudden twist towards the end – someone has let poor Cinderella down . . .

023 025 024

You’ll be glad to hear that in the end Cinderella and Buttons live happily ever after . . . I don’t know if we can say the same for Princey and Maxi-Me, condemned by the King (Aaron W) and Queen (Iona B) to live with Iona and Emma forever. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Mr Cook aims to begin editing the video over Christmas. We’ll be in touch with more details once it is available.