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In writing this week we are completing a film review for, Wadjda, the film we went to see at Eden Court.

For homework we want you to write a sentence for one of the headings we discussed today. They are

Director’s Difficulties



Quality of Film

Write the year that WW1 and WW2 started and finished.

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  1. Directors Diffulties,
    If she was caught out out of the van she would be stoned intill she died.

  2. It is really unfair that woman aren’t aloud to do as much as men in Soudi Arabia they aren’t even aloud to talk to them or they will get stoned

    I mean the FEMALE director had to direct it in the back of a van because she wasn’t aloud to give a man orders in the street or in public or at all 🙁

  3. Directors’s Difficulties

    I think that she was very brave to film this movie and she is an insparation to womens rights

    1914-1918 1939-1945

  4. I thought that it was amazing that the director risked her life to film a movie to show to the world about the laws of Saudi Arabia. She’s a very brave woman.

  5. I am doing the review on the hunger games because I was off.
    I give the hunger games 5/5 and recommend it to 10 and over.
    The hunger games is about a society that is broken down. The games were designed to give the people hope and a boy and a girl were chosen from area to compete in the games. The winner is the last person alive. It is a fight to the death…

    WW1 – 1914 – 1918
    WWII- 1939 – 1945

  6. Director’s Difficulties,

    When the film Wadjda was being filmed the lady who was filming had to hide in a van bacause where they live women arne’t aloud to tell men what to do,so it was very hared for her.

  7. Director’s Difficulties

    I think that this director is an inspirational person as she risked her life to make this film to change womens rights in Saudi Arabia

    WW1 1914-1918
    WW2 1936-1945

  8. Director’s Difficulties

    I think that this director is an inspirational person as she risked her life to make this film to change womens rights in Saudi Arabia.

    WW1 1914-1918
    WW2 1936-1945

  9. Director’s difficulties- I think it was amazing how the women shoot this film in a van and I think she was very brave doing that because she could of been in really big trouble and I am very happy and glad she is trying to say to the wold girls and women should have the same rights as men and boys.
    Educational- It is very educational because it makes you think that the women and girls should have the same rights as the men and boys also its very sexist because of that and it makes you see how things are very different from there to here.
    Injustice- I think the acting was very believable and it was great filming.
    Quality of Film- It had excellent picture, sound and also very good that it was based on real life so people could see what’s life like for them.
    ww1 started and finished: 28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918
    ww2 started and finished: 1 September 1939 – 2 September 1945.

  10. I think it is very unfair that girls don’t appear to have the same opportunities as boys do.

  11. Quality of film:I think it was a great film about how woman aren’t allowed to drive,cycle or show their faces to men and it also showed me how lucky we are because in our country women are allowed to do that.

  12. It is very sexist because girl’s aren’t aloud to do stuff that boys do, like riding a bike,or driving a car

  13. WW1- 1914-1918


    Injustice-I think it is unfair how woman are treated so differently in Saudi Arabia.It must be really annoying how they are not allowed to cycle!

  14. Directors difficulties = The director being a female had to over come lot of risks, she even had to film Wadja from a van and she couldn’t order or even tell the males what to do.

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