Poem for Friday

Homework for EVERYONE this week is to write a poem for Pudsey. It can be as creative and as long as you want. Remember it doesn’t have to rhyme. It must be handed in on Friday 8th

2 thoughts on “Poem for Friday”

  1. P – henomenally well known
    U – ssualy has a spotty eye patch
    D – angerously cute
    S – pecial for children in need
    E – xcitingly fun and fluffy
    Y – yellow and that’s just the way I like it

    See you all tomorrow, hope you had a great night at the bonfire and made shore that your pets are ok and safe some where that they won’t here the fireworks.

    can you please delete my other comments they are a bit mest up and i didn’t mean to post it twice and my type picture was wrong

  2. A poem for Pudsey

    P-Pudsey the bear is coming to town

    U-Unusually popular so don’t frown

    D-Death defyingly cute so everyone smile

    E-Eye patch is unique and he won’t be back for a while

    Y-Your going to give to give money for a very special cause

    Because other wise you’ll miss snuggling his very fuzzy paws.

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