Fabulous Forces!

We are sad to say that our wonderful project is nearly over.

BUT we still have to drop these eggies!!! Don’t forget your wet weather clothing….. just in case.

OK Blog Heads ….write a sentence about one of the experiments we carried out in class.

18 thoughts on “Fabulous Forces!”

  1. The parachute experiment was really fun and I enjoyed watching the other groups floating!!!


  2. i really liked the egg experiment because it was fun making the parachute and a little house for the egg. 🙂 🙂

  3. One of the experiments we did was to get a shoe and wrap an elastic band around it and try to pull it on different surfaces until the shoe moved. We then measured how far the rubber band stretched before the shoe moved.

  4. I really enjoyed the flower baby and parachute experiment which was on Air Force .I enjoyed working as a team and I learn’t from my mistakes. The winner won because theirs was light and it had a big parachute .

  5. The rice experiment was when we stuck in a pencil or something else and tried to lift the bottle with all the rice in it it took us a couple of try’s but we got there and was really cool.

  6. The pushing car on the ramp was great and I will enjoy the rest of the year with mrs prentice

  7. We make a parachute for Mrs.P little flower baby things out of balloons,string,and lots of other materials.When when we were finished we went out to the playground to see what parachute will keep the flower baby in the air for longest.
    The group i was in came last we were disappointed but we had fun 🙂 🙂

  8. We had to make a moving car and that was to do with fiction by force and that was really fun!

  9. The diver – we made a diver with blue tack a d a straw then we had to adjust the blue tack so it floated when it was left alone then went down when you squeezed it.

  10. I really enjoyed doing the jelly experiment because nobody knew how to use chopsticks it was harder to do it with the oil

  11. i really iked the flower baby experiment because it was great fun and i lurnt a lot about how to make things flote 🙂

  12. In this experiment you had to get two books approximately the same size and you had to stick them together without using glue or Sellotape. The techneek was that you put page by page of each book into each other. I learnt that the more pages you put together the easier it is to pull the books apart.

  13. I really enjoyed the bottle experiment but,the Flour Baby and egg experiment was the best!!!My team took ages because we spent all our time on making a little car seat for it so it wouldn’t fall out!!!We spent so much time on the seat,we almost forgot about the parachute and the weight,so ours was a total fail!!!

  14. I really enjoyed the shoe experiment.I loved pulling the shoe along the ground and seeing how far it went.

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