Don’t get Tense about Tenses!

We have looked at past, present and future tenses and have discovered we sometimes get them muddled.

Your task tonight is to write two interesting sentences using the verb ‘to jump’ in both future and past tenses.

25 thoughts on “Don’t get Tense about Tenses!”

  1. I threw myself out of my seat and stood to applaud my fantastically talented best friend and her fine filly who jumped and cleared the last hurdle ensuring her 1st place.

    Tomorrow I will jump at the marvellous magnificent stadium at a trampolining contest where I hope to win a medal.

  2. In two weeks time I’ll jump on to the plane.
    Last night I was jumping very loudly on the trampoline with my sister.

  3. future – Next week at gymnastics I am planning to jump on the trampette and do a front flip.

    past – Yesterday, Mum and I saw Meko, our dog jump over the fence into the huge river.


  4. Tomorrow in PE we are going to do the long jump and I am going to try and jump the furthest.
    Yesterday me and my family went on a long walk and had to jump over a small river.

  5. I jumped over the hurdles with ease.

    I am going to jump onto the trampoline when I get my breath back.

  6. Yesterday the boy went to jump a wall, but failed and broke his leg.

    Tommorrow the best high jumpers are going to jump in the Olyimpics.

  7. When i went to my friends house we jumped on her trampoline.

    Tomorrow i’m going to my friends house and we’ll jump on her trampoline.:)

  8. I can’t wait to jump into the swimming pool when I go on holiday next month.

    Recently at Craggan Outdoor Centre, I had to jump of the leap of faith.

  9. PAST TENSE: The boy had to jump across the river because the bridge was broken.
    FUTURE TENSE: I hope Heather’s horse is able to jump high in the next competition.

  10. yesterday i jumped to the shop because i thought i should give my self a challenge.

    tomorrow i am going jump all the way to school if it isn’t raining.

  11. Past tense. When I went to London I had to jump onto the London eye because the pods don’t stop at the platform.

    Future tense. Next Halloween, I am going to scare my mum so much she is going to jump out of her skin.

  12. I took a book from school to read at home
    I will go to the world karate competition in the holidays
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. yesterday i jumped a 2 metre jump on my scooter.
    today i am going to jump a 2 metre gap on my scooter

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