Model Cars

Remember to write a sentence on the Blog about our model car experiments.

Your divers were FANTASTIC. What a lot of hard work! Well done everyone. See you all tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Model Cars”

  1. I found that if you sellotaped a balloon to the car it would go quite far but you couldn’t use it topower a real car!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I found it really interesting because I thought the car would go faster by 2 balloons but it just didn’t work because what happen was the car did not go straight so that made it really slow and un-balanced.

  3. I really enjoyed the car experiment. We put sellotape in the middle of the balloon but it still tipped over. Maybe if we used the long balloon, it would have more power and been faster. 🙂

  4. I think my group did very well and It was very fun, maybe next time we can make it go a bit further.

  5. The car experiment was so fun. I learned that the balloons were holding the car down so it could have been a bit faster.

  6. I thought that the experiment was intriguing and it was a fun experiment. After a while we got the hang of it and I thought that it worked better with one balloon.

  7. I found it really interesting , because the car has to stream lined and balanced and two balloons don’t actually worked . I had great fun 🙂 and enjoyed it!

  8. It was really interesting. I found that with the balloon it didn’t always go far but sometimes it did (and lots of us were pinging it till we found out we weren’t allowed to).

  9. i found out that if you put 1 balloon on the car it will go futher, but when you put 2 balloons on it it will not go very far because the more weight you put on it the slower it goes.
    It was really fun!!:)

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