Lochardil Tea Towel!

The Parent Council have prepared a tea towel for Lochardil Primary School. The school opened for it’s first session in August 1964. So, after all the hard work from the children, teachers and staff at the school we are delighted to offer for sale two different Lochardil Primary School Tea Towels. One towel is for P1 – P3 and the second is for P4 – P7.

Whilst the towels will be available to buy later in the year, you can pre-order your towels now to ensure that you are able to get one (or 2 or 3!) which will make great Christmas presents.

Order forms will be available from the school from Monday 30th September.

Please follow the links to view the towels and access the order form.

Lochardil Primary P1-3
Lochardil Primary P4-7
Tea Towel Order Form

The Lochardil Hockey Team!


The Lochardil Hockey team played really well at the tournament on Saturday. In the first league they played 4 games and had 3 wins and 1 draw, putting them equal 1st with Dalneigh. Unfortunately Dalneigh went through to the play off for the cup as they had scored 2 more goals than us. In the two play off games we had one win and our only loss, putting us in 5th place out of 15 teams. Mrs Campbell is very proud of the way they played and conducted themselves through out the tournament.

Well done!

Coffee Afternoon Success!

macmillan coffee morning

Everyone in P6/7 just want to say a massive thank you to all that contributed to our Coffee Afternoon to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. We were overwhelmed by the number of cakes brought in by pupils and parents – so thank you all very much. We now have to count all the money we raised which will go towards helping people who are fighting cancer.

We made a whopping £822!! It’s fantastic, so well done!

Here are some pictures from the afternoon . . . thank you again,

From all the pupils in P6/7, Mrs Macleod, Mrs Prentice and Miss Shaw.

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon – Tomorrow

macmillan coffee morning

A reminder that the Macmillan Coffee Afternoon, organised by the P6/7s, is tomorrow, Friday 27th September 1.45pm – 2.45pm. There are 3 ways in which you can support the event:

1. Provide baking for the Coffee Afternoon – to be handed in Friday morning
2. Attend the Coffee Afternoon – Friday 27th September – 1.45pm – 2.45pm
3. Allow your child to purchase a cake by providing them with a donation of £1

Thank you for your support with the event!

High Flyers

More fun experiments! This time about air resistance.

Our objective was to design a parachute that would float to the ground the slowest out of all the groups. What wonderful imaginations and what extreme wishful thinking!

Write a sentence about your findings.

Our task tomorrow will be to create a parachute for an egg to land without cracking.

Here are some of our wonderful contraptions in action..

Roving Reporters

In writing this week we are completing a newspaper article.

For homework we would like you to gather information about the Costa Concordia and the events that we discussed during Newsround last week.

Think about

  • How it was refloated
  • Where the accident happened
  • When it happened
  • How much it cost
  • What’s going to happen to it now

Remember to hand write the notes you take down.

End of Another Week

You have worked hard this week and deserve a rest at the weekend.

Remember to deliver your Coffee Afternoon invitations and remind

adults we need lots of baking. Save some of your

pocket money for Friday so you can buy cakes too.

Have a great weekend. See you Monday

Posters and Experiments

Today was a busy day. What a lot we achieved!

We designed posters for our coffee afternoon next week which you will see displayed around the school. Remember to invite mums and dads, grans and grandpas, uncle Fred…..but not the dog. We also need loads of baking for everyone to buy.Yum! Yum! Can’t wait!

Another successful friction experiment…..nearly! Lots of groups learned from last time and we saw good ideas and excellent experimental practice from fabulous budding scientists.

Reminder for those of you who are heading off to Drummond tomorrow to bring a jacket in case it is wet.

Stars of the Month

Well done to the 3 pupils who achieved Pupil of the Month.

They are:
Daniel Wilson who has made a great start at Lochardil quickly making friends and showing great enthusiasm in class. Well done Daniel.

Sean Macleod who is thoughtful and caring. He is helpful to both staff and pupils and always performs tasks with a smile on his face.

Emily Fortey who has shown that she is a responsible individual and has been very helpful to Miss Shaw introducing her to the ways of Lochardil Primary. She is a STAR!

See you all at the FETE tomorrow. Bring lots of pennies.

Formula 1

Today we attempted to make a model car go as far as it could by itself. We used balloons and plastic bands to power it along. It wasn’t as easy as we thought!!!!!!!! Making a car was easy, blowing up the balloon was easy but it wasn’t easy to attach the two together to make the car go. The furthest we got was 84cm. Tomorrow’s attempts can only get better!!


Remember to complete your diver for Thursday.

Try this link for some helpful tips….

The school Fete is on Saturday! We need donations for the Tombola and the Baking Stall if you are able. Can’t wait!

Lochardil School Fete

Lochardil Primary School Fete is on:

Saturday 14th September 11.30am – 1.30pm



We’re looking for your help in the way of donations:

Filled Jam Jars for the Tombola & Home Baking

tom1 homebaking tom2

We look forward to seeing you there –
The Parent Council