Make this sentence as juicy as possible……… ‘The teacher walked into the classroom’

Can you beat Anna and Luke from last night?

The peely-wally,ancient,old lady travelled on slow stuttering steps into the hustling,bustling town centre where she was to buy some second hand clothes from her favourite charity shop (Anna Massie)

The smart,attractive business woman rushed into town on her lunch break to buy some stylish party clothes for her up-coming 30th birthday party. (Luke Massie)

Good Luck!

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  1. The tall magnificent bright teacher hurried into the giant classroom filled with lots of smart behaved children.

  2. The irritated and exhausted teacher, walked into the packed classroom, where all the children were waiting to do a very hard test.

  3. Mrs Prentice,the fabulously young and attractive teacher, elegantly danced into the bright and happy classroom.

  4. The skinny,short,fat and horrendous teacher was exhilarated as she quickly walked in to the humungous classroom to see the exquisite and majestic pupils.

  5. the tall beautiful elegant teacher waltzed happily into glamorous modern classroom and all
    the children were staring!

  6. The tall plump teacher with warts on her face, dirt under her finger nails and disgusting horrible grey hair tied back in pig tails walked into the bright classroom with her long red skirt tucked into her white pants covering her big bottom.

  7. The teacher walked hurridly through the doors and into the very stuffed and noisy classroom

  8. The angry teacher thundered down the corridor, and slammed the door open and when she got into the classroom she noticed the hole class was voiceless and noticed it was the other class that was making the racket, so she thundered down the corridor again to the other class room opened the door and said “shhhhhh be quiet some people are trying to work”

    See you all at school 😀

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    ────────██████────────██████──────── PATRICK, will submit text art every time there is homework. 😀

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