Friction Experiments

We had great fun today doing lots of ‘experiments’ to do with friction. HOWEVER we probably have to think again about our scientific technique as we got some very dodgy results!

 By learning how NOT to do it, we are hoping to learn how BEST to do it!

Make this sentence as juicy as possible……… ‘The teacher walked into the classroom’

Can you beat Anna and Luke from last night?

The peely-wally,ancient,old lady travelled on slow stuttering steps into the hustling,bustling town centre where she was to buy some second hand clothes from her favourite charity shop (Anna Massie)

The smart,attractive business woman rushed into town on her lunch break to buy some stylish party clothes for her up-coming 30th birthday party. (Luke Massie)

Good Luck!

Amazing Adjectives

For ‘Writer’s Craft’ today we were looking at how adjectives can improve our writing.
We studied a piece of writing by JK Rowling and extracted all her fabulous adjectives to see how dull and boring the passage was without them.
For homework tonight we want you to improve or ‘up-level’ the following sentence:
The lady travelled into town to buy clothes.

Try to make this sentence as ‘juicy’ as you can!!!


First week over already! What a lot we have achieved. We have complted our topic plan on forces, and decided what we want to learn.
Our questions are –
How can I make my model car go
What factors make things float or sink?
Anyone able to lend their expertise will be much appreciated!

In art today we studied how to draw eyes in detail.
WOW! Haven’t done a super job.
Big Brother is watching us!


The 'fierce beastie'

Wee cowering, timorous beastie,
Oh what a panic is in Mrs Macleod’s breastie…
When she saw the mouse today!

Can you please leave a sentence about how scary this vicious animal is……if you dare!