High Flyers……!?

More fun experiments! This time about air resistance.

Our objective was to design a parachute that would float to the ground the slowest out of all the groups. What wonderful imaginations and what extreme wishful thinking!

Write a sentence about your findings.

Our task tomorrow will be to create a parachute for an egg to land without cracking.

Here are some of our wonderful contraptions in action..

21 thoughts on “High Flyers……!?”

  1. when its heavy it will go down faster like putting lots of sticky tape as where if lighter it will stay in the air longer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice pictures! I really enjoyed the experiments. My team’s name was BAA!
    For, Betsy Aileen Amy!!! And tomorrow we will be able to do it with eggs!
    I found out that bigger top parts work better and that it can’t be too heavy.
    Tomorrow is going to be great with eggs but really tricky! I wonder if we are doing it outside???….
    Because incase we did it at the place at the climbing wall then I’m just thinking won’t the egg crack if the wind blows it onto the little edge bit!? Cause then that team’s chances are pretty much over! unless there are spares.
    Ps I can’t bring any eggs in.

  3. I learned that if the parachute is heavy and small it will fall really quickly but if its light and big it will take longer to fall to the ground.

  4. You seem to be having a great time doing this exploratory topic P6/7. I’m loving checking out all of your experiments!

    Excellent work.

  5. I learnt that if you put light things on the parachute it will go slower and if you put heavy things on the parachute it will go down faster.

  6. I learned that a wider and lighter cloth means that the weight will float down slower then a heave and small cloth.

  7. i found that if the parachute is light but big and wool attached to it and what it carrys it will go slow to the ground

  8. Doing the experiments were a lot of fun one of them was called lush and i cant remember what the other one was called my team was Nicole Emily D and Cara our one went really fast but still it was a lot of fun and today the parachute with the egg was so fun but its gonna be more fun when were gonna drop them ot will be sooooo funny to see some of them crack because you have to be honest it will be REALLY funny But the thing is im not quite sure if our egg experiment thingy mabober will work well since our one is really delicate but its light so it might work and it might not well i guess we just have to wait and see…..

  9. I learnt that balloons are not very good for dropping from heights with flower babies attached to them unless you fill them with helium.

  10. It looks like a lot of fun and a challenging task to stop that egg from breaking. Your photos are great! Today I was working with P6/P7S and talking about gravity. We had a discussion about air resistance too.

    Miss Shimmield

  11. I really enjoyed doing the experiment it helped to understand that the heavier the item is the quicker it will fall and if it is light it will take longer to reach the ground 🙂

  12. I liked all the experiments. I found out that the bigger and lighter the parachute the slower it goes.;]

  13. I learnt if the parachute is big and light it will stay in the air longer. I cant wait till we try the parachute with the egg 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. I learned that if you make a little house for the flowerbaby it will come down much faster than it would if you didn`t.

  15. I found out that the heavier it was the faster it went down so my team made are parishoot lighter.Can’t wait to try it with a egg.

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