The Beginning of P4/5

We have had a super start in P4/5 and after 3 days we are all getting settled into our new timetable. So far we have blocked a factfile in our new diaries, completed our first entry about our holiday highlights indenting the paragraphs, had our first reading HLP reading session,¬†revised the 4 times table with a tables punchout, discussed our Human Body project and learned the technical names of the main bones in the body, sang and danced to our new song ‘You are a Star’, drawn or painted symbols of summer and volunteered for class duties. And that’s not all! To share our first week with everyone we have uploaded two photographs. The first one was while we were doing our 4 times table punch out and the second is to show you the new pupil who joined us this week –¬†James Bones! We need to feed him up a bit!

Mrs Martin-Hodgson