Visitors to P1

Primary 1 had some very exciting visitors this week! Inverness footballers visited the classes 1,2 and 3 to talk about their sport and how to work well in a team. There were lots of interesting questions and stories shared.

On Friday, Heather, from the Inverness Tourist Board visited the primary 1 classes. She brought in some of her fluffy friends and we all learnt about the various wildlife in and around the Highlands.

Christmas Fayre and Book Fair!


29th November 6.30pm – 8.15pm

The Lochardil Parent Council will be hosting a CHRISTMAS FAYRE, as well as launching their ‘Family Recipes Cook Book’.

It is set to be a fantastic night with craft and gift stalls, raffle, refreshments in addition to some fantastic games. A night for the WHOLE family!

£1.50 for adult entry, which includes refreshment. Children and concessions are FREE.

We’re looking for your help:
P1-P3 families– Filled jam jars for the tombola. (See images below)

P4-P7 families– Home baking donations.

Christmas Fayre FLIER- CLICK HERE!

Any volunteers to help, please contact:

Loch Ness

Our topic this term is Loch Ness. This week we were looking at a map to see where Loch Ness is and we were talking about a famous person who lives there – Nessie! We wrote some ‘describing’ poems about Nessie and tried to include some WOW words.

Here are some of our poems for you to read:

Nessie is….                                                                   Nessie is….

a purple, pink and black monster,                       a monster,

spiky,                                                                               enormous,

prickly                                                                             scary,

and friendly.                                                                 different colours,

by Summer                                                                    jaggy,


                                                                                           and brave.

                                                                                           by Orin

Nessie is….                                                                  Nessie is….

multi-coloured,                                                           soft and slimy,

thick and wide                                                              gigantic

spiky and strong.                                                         tough and strong

 by Megan                                                                       by Sophie