A busy week

Monday morning began with a visit from M and M productions. We enjoyed watching their performance of Cinderella. It made us laugh but Cinderalla’s stepmother was a little bit loud and scary! We  liked the happy ending when Cinderella and the Prince got married. An exciting way to start the week!

Wednesday was our first full rehearsal for “Hey Ewe” with all the infant classes and the nursery. It went really well and we tried our very best when it was our turn to go on the stage and sing our song. We will keep practising though just to make sure it is absolutely perfect when mums and dads come to watch!

On Thursday we had more visitors from primary 6/7 and the nursery. We read one of our favourite stories,‘Jumblebum’, to the nursery then some of us went  for  a play in our room with the nursery boys and girls and some of us had a story with the P6/7s. It was a fun afternoon.

Friday was our whole school achievement assembly and we were so proud of Chloe when she went on stage to collect her Pupil of the Month certificate.


                Well done Chloe!