Iceland trip

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Iceland 1Icelnd 4Sunday 21 June: We had a morning departure from Inverness in time for a late afternoon flight from Edinburgh to Reykjavik. This meant that we arrived, in the evening, in the most northerly capital in the world on the longest day of the year. Time for a walk on the beach to see the midnight sun!


Monday 22 June:

Solheimajokull Glacier

Glacier 2Glacier 3Glacier 4We got kitted out with crampons and ice axes and trekked for 2km onto the glacier. The glacier is just below where the eyjafjallajokull eruption took place and it still has a significant layer of ash on its surface. We had to watch out for huge crevasses in the ice that dropped 50m!


Seljalandfoss Waterfall

Waterfall 1Waterfall 2We first walked up through a rock fissure to access the secret waterfall behind. We got absolutely soaked by all the spray but had an amazing time.



Waterfall 3Waterfall 4We then walked to the main waterfall where we were able to walk behind it. We really got to see how waterfalls are made.



Skogafoss waterfall. Only 400 steps to the top!

Skogafoss 1Skogafoss 2Skogafoss 3Skogafoss 4





Tuesday 23 June:

This morning we went for a walk along the black sand beach at Dyrholaey. We studied the basalt columns and saw amazing coastal features like sea stacks and arches. We even spotted loads of puffins.

Beach 1Basalt 1Basalt 2Arch 2





We visited Hveragerdi, a geothermal town on the south coast. Very geothermaly active town with bubbling mud pools all over and a warm river running through it! We went to an earthquake simulator to feel what locals experience when one strikes the town.

Hveragerdi 1Hveragerdi 2Hveragerdi 3Hveragerdi 4




Wednesday 24 June:

Arctic foxWe had unusual accommodation last night; a working Icelandic farm. Various animals surrounded us all evening including Icelandic ponies, rabbits, foxes and even tame ravens! We even got the chance to hold and feed an arctic fox pup.


What a fantastic sunny day we had today! First stop was Kerid, a volcanic caldera north of Selfoss. We were able to walk around the crater edge and go down into the crater lake. Multi coloured pumice lava covers the whole area. Bjork once performed a concert from a floating platform in the middle of the lake!

Kerid 1Kerid 2Kerid 4





Gulfoss 4Gulfoss 5Gulfoss 1We then travelled up to Gulfoss to see the amazing double tiered waterfall that flows into a tectonic Rift Valley. It was formed from a glacial burst from the ice sheet nearby.


The sun was still shining by the time we made it to Geysir. We were able to watch Strokkur ( the main Geysir) erupt several times. It goes every 3-8 minutes. There was an unusual back to back eruption that caught a few if us out – but we did get an unexpected warm shower!

Geysir 1Geysir 4Geysir 3Geysir 2



Thingvellir 1Visit to Thingvellir, the home of the world’s first ever parliament. It also sits of the Mid Atlantic Ridge where the Eurasian plate and the North American plate are pulling apart. We could see where the ground was literally tearing apart. We were able to walk through the plate boundary and even got the chance to have a foot on each continent!


Thursday 25 June:

Whale 1This morning we set off on a whale watching trip in Reykjavik Bay. Water was calm and we could see for miles. We spotted several Minke Whales and White Backed Dolphins and we got to wear these rather cosy thermal suits!




Geo 1Geo 2We then visited a very geothermaly active area south of Reykjavik. We crossed the Leif Bridge which spans both continents and could see where two tectonic plates are pulling apart.




Geo 4Geo 5Geo 3Next we went to an area with bubbling mud pools and smelly fumeroles. The bare earth around the whole area was hot to touch and there were brightly coloured mineral deposits all over.


Our final stop on our Iceland adventure was the amazing Blue Lagoon. The water is rich in minerals that are brought to the earth’s surface and collect in a lava field at temperatures between 38 – 40 degrees. We all sampled the rich mineral mud and spent all afternoon with our face masks on. Pleased to report that we all look younger now!

Blue Lagoon 1Blue Lagoon 2Blue Lagoon 3Blue Lagoon 4





It was a great experience and a fantastic way to end our trip.


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