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Semester 1 Reflection

My experiences of the course so far have varied. Both the teaching modules and my elective in Psychology have challenged me and developed a range of my skills. The one incident that impacted me the most was the assignment in the ‘Working Together’ module. I found it challenging to work with a group of people I hadn’t spoken to before and knowing they were  partly responsible for my  grade troubled me. In the beginning, I may have dominated the group more that required. This was because I was being closed minded in my way of thinking. I assumed the only way to get a task done right was by doing it myself. As the weeks went on and I started to develop relationships with the other group members I found it much easier to let them do tasks without feeling the need to check over the work they had done.

When I start on my first placement I will have a group of children in my classroom whom I have never met before. This means that I will need to develop my skills of being able to trust and credit the children with already having a large vary of knowledge before I have even met them. I must ensure that I’m allowing them to make mistakes and guide them through fixing the problems rather than watching over their shoulders and correcting their every move.