Year 1, Semester 1

Semester 1 went so quickly!

I had 2 main modules to complete. Values and Working Together were the modules.

I was looking forward to my values module as the content interested me. The lectures were sometimes powerful and moving. The lecturers were passionate in what they were talking about and that came across during each lecture. I enjoyed attending these lectures. Learning about different cultures and how others deal with prejudice will definitely come in to my learning throughout my whole degree and career.

Working together was something as a mature student that I was familiar with. I have to do this everyday in my job and last year during college I had to put a presentation together with a group of people for a module with the same name.  I wasn’t as panicked this time around as I knew what to expect. As a group of 10 we visited an outside agency who deal with children with Additional Support Needs and their parents. It was great to get information from the perspective of a Speech and Language Therapist and to find out about her day. As a group we jelled well and felt that our presentation flowed well.

These were great starting modules and I will miss my group work and the quieter weeks!

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