Fighters for FAIRNESS


In our first workshop, we have been thinking and talking about FAIRNESS.

We met with some of our champions who listened to all our thoughts and ideas about what’s fair and what’s not. We did an activity in groups where we were given tape, sticks, marshmallows and an envelope: we had to make a tower as tall as possible and in the envelope each group had a different challenge. Some groups had a disadvantage and some other had an instruction that made it easier. The exercise was to show how some people have a disadvantage in life and some don’t.

Then, we made posters together with the champions about school, community and clubs, outdoor spaces, and home and our street: we discussed what’s fair and unfair about those places.

In the end the champions made postcards with a pledge to make Edinburgh a fairer city for children and young people. We replied to their pledges and posted them.

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