Vision and Purpose

Since publishing the Phase 1 Improvement Plan, the West Partnership Board has developed its purpose and vision. Equity, Excellence and Empowerment encapsulates the culture we want to
embed, enhancing the work of each local authority to bring about improvement in our schools and outcomes for our learners.
We will build on existing practice to build a learning system which will bring about Equity, Excellence and Empowerment. This system will promote a culture of learning and bring about improvement at
all levels from the classroom to directorate. We will facilitate collaboration which will promote, allow and scaffold learning and challenge partners. Our workstreams for 2018 – 2021 complement our vision with Equity, Excellence and Empowerment as the core purposes of our work. These are outlined in our Plan on a Page and are detailed further in our workforce and action plan and include:
 Collaborative learning networks
 Empowerment
 Curricular networks and networks of ASL schools
 CLPL which will build learning networks
 Systems improvement
 Curriculum design
 Leadership and succession planning
 Families and Communities