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How gender affected me in school?

Throughout school I would say I was classed as a “typical little girl” who played with her dolls, and played games like mums and dads so I often did not see boys and girls being treated differently in school. However, this did not mean unequal opportunities did not occurred, in my class there were more girls than boys meaning when it came to events such as assembly’s many girls were often left out of the main parts for being either too misbehaved or girls like me being too shy. I would not say I was shy girl in the playground or around my friends but when it came to educational events I would hide away and often not be noticed.
Since there seemed to be more girls than boys, you would l think that this would have an influence on the extra-curricular sports and PE lessons planned. I often remember that girls would be annoyed when football was the chosen sport and boys would happily take part whereas when it was a sport such as gymnastics the girls would be excited and often the boys would refuse. Unless you enjoyed sport which was not myself then you would often be landed with sports that involved being talented and not given the option on which sport you preferred. This happened throughout the majority of my school life until I was in my last years of high school where we were able to decide on a sporting route in PE.
In the years since leaving primary school and doing placements in schools I have noticed a huge difference where the Curriculum For Excellence has had on planned lessons by involving both genders and all children equally.

Why teaching?

Ever since I was a young girl, I know it may be hard to believe as I was only about five years old but I knew it was my passion to become a Primary Teacher. Many things have influenced me throughout the years to pursue this as my career such as many new additions to my family, my nieces and nephews, where this has made me realise how much I value the achievement in being able to teach children new skills.

They say being at school is the best days of your life, and for me yes this statement was true throughout primary school – High school was a different matter. I remember being in first year and the teacher asked us what we wanted to do when we left school, when I replied saying a primary teacher the response that was given was “oh you need to do well in school, so study hard” this statement stuck in my mind throughout my years in high school. It wasn’t long until I realised that I was not the smartest in my year and never done well in exams so I thought my dream as a teacher was an unrealistic goal. 

This all changed when I done my first work experience in a school and I “LOVED IT” I could not believe I was going change what I had always inspired to be just because of one sentence. I wanted to prove this teacher wrong so I became more focused and enthusiastic and ensured I would do my best and gain as much experience as I could. Even though I did not get into university straight after school I seen this as an opportunity rather than a downfall by going to college for two years to study childcare and having a gap year in Spain as an au pair which was an experience I will never forget.

So looking back many things have influenced me to become the person I am today,  I want to take this forward to the next generation where I hope i can become a role model to those who I will have the pleasure to watch grow and develop into the best possible person.