Why teaching?

Ever since I was a young girl, I know it may be hard to believe as I was only about five years old but I knew it was my passion to become a Primary Teacher. Many things have influenced me throughout the years to pursue this as my career such as many new additions to my family, my nieces and nephews, where this has made me realise how much I value the achievement in being able to teach children new skills.

They say being at school is the best days of your life, and for me yes this statement was true throughout primary school – High school was a different matter. I remember being in first year and the teacher asked us what we wanted to do when we left school, when I replied saying a primary teacher the response that was given was “oh you need to do well in school, so study hard” this statement stuck in my mind throughout my years in high school. It wasn’t long until I realised that I was not the smartest in my year and never done well in exams so I thought my dream as a teacher was an unrealistic goal. 

This all changed when I done my first work experience in a school and I “LOVED IT” I could not believe I was going change what I had always inspired to be just because of one sentence. I wanted to prove this teacher wrong so I became more focused and enthusiastic and ensured I would do my best and gain as much experience as I could. Even though I did not get into university straight after school I seen this as an opportunity rather than a downfall by going to college for two years to study childcare and having a gap year in Spain as an au pair which was an experience I will never forget.

So looking back many things have influenced me to become the person I am today,  I want to take this forward to the next generation where I hope i can become a role model to those who I will have the pleasure to watch grow and develop into the best possible person.  





3 thoughts on “Why teaching?

  1. Jade Lumsden

    I found this piece of writing very interesting, it gives a sense of who you are as a person and the reasoning behind wanting to become a teacher. I think it is fantastic that you managed to overcome what your teacher told you and had motivation to continue on in your career pathway. I believe you will be a brilliant role model for children as you have seen personally how effective words can be to a child. I found your writing inspirational and motivating.

  2. John MuirJohn Muir

    From reading your post I can see that you are very enthusiastic about becoming a teacher. It is clear that you have been eager to show your high school teacher wrong, through your experiences such as volunteering and becoming an au pair to have a starting point for teaching. It’s good that you can see the positives to not initially being able to get into university, and have used the time creatively.

  3. MooneyMooney

    I’m glad that you never let your high school teacher bring you down and you continued to strive to fulfill your dream of becoming a primary teacher. I can see from your post that your gap year was a great experience for you and i wish i had done something like that myself. I also know from my own experience that college helped me gain knowledge on different aspects of being a teacher and loved every minute of placement.


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