MA1 Placement

MA1 Goals:

  • One of my main goals is to try and employ behaviour management strategies, in accordance with the behaviour management policies of the school. I feel that it is important to do this because some of the pupils tend to get distracted quite easily, so I need to employ a strategy that allows me to be in control again quickly if distractions occur. This links with the standard, “3.2.2 Develop positive relationships and positive behaviour strategies.”
  • Another one of my goals is to make the learning engaging for all the pupils in my class. Like in any classroom, the pupils within the class range in abilities so it is important that I try to meet all their educational needs to stop anything of them feeling left out or struggling. It is also important that I can help my pupil’s progress within their ability groupings. This links with the standard, “3.1.1 Plan coherent, progressive and stimulating teaching programmes which match learners’ needs and abilities.”
  • My final goal is to be continuously reflecting and critiquing on my teaching methods and trying to find ways in which I can improve. It is crucial that I am constantly improving my practice to benefit the learning of my pupils. This links with the standard, “3.4.2 Engage in reflective practice to develop and advance career-long professional learning and expertise”

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