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5 key attributes for a teacher to have


As part of an input on professionalism, we were asked to choose from a list of thirteen, five terms and think about their importance for a teacher.

The first attribute I chose to reflect on is respect. Within the classroom, respect is crucial for both the teacher and students. In my opinion, it is a two-way street and if teachers do not show respect to their pupils, how can they expect to be respected? Showing respect can help to form a more positive relationship with your pupils, which is crucial if they are to excel at school.  As a teacher, it is essential to acknowledge and respect the fact that every child is different.

Another vital attribute for a teacher is patience. Nowadays, the world is such a busy place and things are expected to be done straight away. The same should not be expected in a classroom. A good teacher will acknowledge that all children do not learn at the same speed, therefore patience is an important attribute for a teacher to possess. As a teacher, your patience is going to be tested on a day to day basis, from pupils talking during lessons or not doing as they’re told and if you do not have patience it could result in you taking out your anger on pupils and promoting a negative energy in the classroom.

Fairness is hugely important in the profession of teaching. Every child must be viewed equally. As a teacher, you cannot have favourites or even give the impression to your pupils that you have favourites. It can lead to tensions among the pupils and it can be detrimental to the morale of the class. Treat each pupil the same, never make a child feel like he or she isn’t important to you.

I believe self-control is a necessary attribute in being a teacher. As a teacher, you need to be in control of your emotions and it’s crucial you have the self- control to leave your problems outside the classroom. When you enter the classroom, your main priority is your pupils and you cannot let whatever other problems you have effect how you teach or treat your pupils.

I think that sometimes pupils forget that teachers are humans too, so I believe that it’s crucial to have compassion as a teacher. It shows the pupils that you can relate to them if they’re having a bad day and hopefully it will encourage them to talk to you if they feel they need to talk to someone.


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