Giving and receiving feedback.

I really enjoyed giving and receiving feedback on the enquiring practitioner tutor directed task. Looking at other people’s thoughts helped me to develop an understanding of what it is to be an enquiring practitioner.

Receiving feedback on my post was something that I found really useful. I was interested to read the feedback I received to see what people thought of my post and to see what I had done well or what I could possibly improve on. It allowed me to look at my work more critically to see where I had gone wrong.

I really enjoyed giving feedback on my colleague’s posts because it gave me a chance to see other people’s viewpoints and see if we had different ideas or if we were similar in our thoughts. Giving feedback was something that I wasn’t used to doing, so at first I wasn’t sure what I should write on other people’s posts. But after looking at other people’s comments on post I began to understand what I should do. I enjoyed being able to tell people what they had done well. However, I did find it difficult to tell people how they could improve on their post.

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