why do I want to be a teacher?

When I look back on my life, it’s hard to pin-point a particular moment when I thought “I want to be a teacher.” As far as I can remember, teaching is what I have always wanted to do. Teaching is a profession that runs in my family. My parents and several relatives are teachers, while my sister is also studying to become a primary school teacher. School is an environment that I have always enjoyed and I always really liked my teachers. There was one teacher in particular who inspired me to want to become a teacher. He taught me in primary five and I still remember some of his classes because he had such an impact on me. I can say, without a doubt, that he is one of the main reasons that I wanted to become a teacher. My work experience in upper sixth in a primary school solidified the idea of becoming a teacher. I was only in the school for two days but I loved every second of it. I loved the idea that I could help the children learn new things and develop as people both socially and academically, for me, that’s the reason I want to be a teacher.

For me the teachers I have always liked the most are the ones who I feel comfortable in approaching. That is how I want to be seen, I want the children who I teach to be able to talk to me about anything without being afraid, even if it is just asking for help with a maths problem or talking about how their day is going. The most important thing for me is that children will not dread coming in to my class on a Monday morning. I want to become a teacher who makes learning fun, through interactive activities such as art, sport and music. If I can be that teacher after four years at university, then one day, hopefully I can be somebody’s favourite teacher.

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  1. M MackieM Mackie

    It’s great that you have such positive memories of your teacher’s and school experience.
    I like your point about being approachable, not just about the children’s studies but also building genuine relationships. This is so important and one great teacher can make the world of difference in a child’s life.


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