STEM cpd (Part 2)

This evening I attended the second part of the STEM cpd, following on from last week’s visit to the Verdant works.

This time we had the opportunity to try out an activity or learning idea that we might use with a class. I chose to make a loom:

2015-09-24 18.36.24

I was able to try out some of the tools and equipment which may be available to a class, and to experience some of the challenges that children might experience. I found that sawing the notches in my loom was difficult and if I was going to use this activity then I would need to consider alternatives. We also looked at some different joints that could be used. I opted for the simplest method which was to glue the pieces end to end, reinforcing the joint using cardboard triangles. It might be interesting to use this as a learning point with the children and to experiment with which joints are the strongest.

Here are a couple of the other creations from this evening:

2015-09-24 18.35.37 2015-09-24 18.35.50


I really loved the miniature bricks and think that this would be a lovely way to explore architecture. This team found that creating the archway was a challenge and noted that they would use a mould or frame in future.

The car lift is made using hydraulics where one large syringe is connected to 3 smaller ones. When the large syringe is squeezed, the water splits into the 3 small ones causing them to lift the car.


This cpd gave me lots of ideas and lots of food for thought. It was clear to see how this hands on style of learning could add depth to a subject and help to make it more meaningful. I was proud of my accomplishments and can imagine how satisfied a pupil may feel.


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