My Learning

As part of our online tasks, I was asked to reflect on the things that help or hinder my learning. I feel that it was useful to consider the factors that may become an issue, while positively planning ways to address them.

Recognition/ Reflection Action
What helps my learning? How can I utilise this?
Having good quality notes to review ·         When taking notes, write as much as possible in my own words·         Use colour coding or highlighters to make key information stand out
Having a clear plan of what time I have and how I am going to use it ·         Continue to use ‘to do’ lists, diaries and time tables in order to ensure that time is not wasted and a good balance between studies, work and home life is achieved
Sharing and discussing with colleagues ·         Make use of the discussion boards in order to connect with fellow students·         Use the eportfolio to discuss and share ideas

·         Continue to be a part of communities on twitter where current teachers as well as student teachers connect

Having an effective and organised work space ·         Ensure that my study space is kept clear and free from distractions where possible·         Keep resources (note pads, pens, reading materials) in study space so that time is not wasted finding them
Recognition/Reflection Action
What hinders my learning? How can I address this factor?
Feeling overwhelmed ·         Use my timetables, lists and diary to make sure that I am using my time effectively·         Take breaks while studying

·         Talk to my fellow students about work

Becoming distracted by other chores and responsibilities ·         Set aside dedicated time for household chores and other work·         Use the library for dedicated study time so that I am away from the house
Staring too many things at once and not having a clear focus ·         Time management and effective planning will allow me to keep on track
Distracted by Social Media ·         I will aim not to have my phone with me when I am studying
Not being ‘present’ in the lesson and distracted by taking very detailed notes ·         Look over lecture ppt or notes before the lecture where possible·         Only take notes of additional information that is not on the ppt or will not be uploaded to the VLE

·         Following the lecture, go over the ppt or materials and take notes.


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