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November 29, 2018
by Nadine Duncan
Comments Off on In Pursuit of Mathematical Art

In Pursuit of Mathematical Art

In a recent input in Discovering Maths, we had a chance to create some mathematical art and my favourite of these was a curve of pursuit. (MathsMasterOrg (2011)) This is created by choosing a regular shape, making a mark an equal distance from each corner and joining these dots to create a slightly smaller shape.  […] Continue reading

November 4, 2018
by Isla Campbell
Comments Off on Is maths beautiful?

Is maths beautiful?

Maths makes our portraits beautiful. Recently, we had an input surrounding maths and art. This is something I really enjoyed, after this input I began to think about how much mathematics is actually involved in life, even art. So, how does maths make us beautiful? To explain, I think I should firstly show you some … Continue reading Is maths beautiful? Continue reading

November 4, 2017
by Clare Gibson
Comments Off on Can Maths be Creative?

Can Maths be Creative?

I personally believe that often in today’s world we can limit the idea of maths to calculations, equations and many hours of working things out. We don’t take time to consider just how complex and essential this subject is. Hom (2013) describes maths as “the science that deals with the logic of shape, quantity and […] Continue reading

October 9, 2017
by Alan MacDonald
Comments Off on Art in Maths and Maths in Art

Art in Maths and Maths in Art

Art and artistic expression both have connotations of creativity, freedom and exploration for those that are deemed artistically imaginative to delve deep into their own vivid minds. One must be capable of thinking outside of the box of convention when viewing artwork, for example, to be appreciative of the emotions or message an artist is […] Continue reading

October 1, 2017
by Rachel Noble
Comments Off on Maths in art? Art in maths?

Maths in art? Art in maths?

Previously, I’ve heard people say, “I cannot do art” or “Art is something that I just wasn’t gifted in”. This is why one particular maths workshop came as surprise to me as it demonstrated that you can do art using maths. In class we created tessellations. Little did I know that this type of art […] Continue reading

October 5, 2016
by Samantha MacDonald
Comments Off on Learning from Packaging (Art 4H)

Learning from Packaging (Art 4H)

This task requires me to compare and contrast different food packaging and decide which one is my personal favourite and why. As well as this,  I have to decide on the message they give out and to whom the message would be for. Lastly, from this I will look at how this can be used in […] Continue reading

September 14, 2016
by Samantha MacDonald
Comments Off on Ephemeral Art!

Ephemeral Art!

Who knew something so simple as making pictures out of leaves, twigs and other natural resources can make you think so much?!? In our most recent expressive arts module we learned about the artist Andy Goldsworthy and his passion for art in nature otherwise known as Ephemeral art. Goldsworthy’s work was always transient so would […] Continue reading

November 2, 2015
by Kim Rennie
Comments Off on Learning to Unlearn

Learning to Unlearn

When I first heard the phrase “learning to unlearn” I was immediately thinking what on earth. Why would we want to unlearn? Where can the benefit on unlearning things? However, it turns out there are lots of benefits. Driving is an easy one – we learn bad habits, become lazy, stop checking mirrors not long […] Continue reading

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