Further Learning Points in my Professional Education

My time at Moulsford has given me so so much opportunity and learning. But there is always room to learn more and in the words of the great Sherlock himself “there is always room to learn Watson”. Furthermore, the GTCS (2012, p. 5) concur feeling that commitment to lifelong inquiry, learning and professional development are vital and include it as one of many Standards for Provisional Registration. So here are my top 3 further learning points for professional development.

  1. Continue my engagement with blogging on GLOW after this placement, during term-time and throughout holidays. I will try to write from a professional angle by critically reflecting on teaching practice and from time to time a personal angle to about points in the media and that I have read in academic reading. Now I have started blogging I don’t want to stop.
  2. To continue to stay up to date with the ever changing world of education. Moulsford has taught me that by staying as current as possible in education and not being scared to try new strategies and topics can greatly enhance the children’s learning and my own continuing professional development as a teacher. I intend to do this by continuing regular engagement on media such as twitter, GLOW and pinterest and by engaging in current academic reading on a more regular basis.
  3. By enhancing my pedagogical and subject knowledge. My own knowledge greatly impacts on student engagement and knowledge, and the most effective teachers have deep knowledge of the subjects they teach (Coe et al, 2014, p.2). By gaining knowledge of all areas in my life, of the subjects I will be teaching and of pedagogy I will hopefully become a greater teacher for it.


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