Learning from Life Placement Proposal Form

In the box below please write a short placement proposal statement explaining:

  • What the placement is
  • Why you have chosen this setting
  • What you think the benefits of the placement will be
  • What you think you would be able to bring to the placement

(500 words maximum)


For my Learning from Life placement I have chosen to attend a private prep boys school called Moulsford in Oxfordshire. I have chosen this setting as it is privately run and also boards its students from Monday to Friday. The school is situated in a beautiful part of the country and near the river Thames which means the school do a lot of sports which I will enjoy helping to run.

The difference between private boarding schools and government run schools is something I have always been interested in learning more about. This is why I feel that going to Moulsford for my Learning from Life placement is something that will be useful to my professional development. I know the area very well having family close by and following Richards Holmes comparative inputs for Educational Studies, I want to see the English curriculum being taught. Private schools often have a negative stigma attached to them and I am looking forward to seeing that this stigma is not a reality.

I will learn to work with a whole new curriculum, with it being an English school and I will also see the boarding side to the school. I am also looking forward to seeing how this affects the children who attend. The school has a great family feel to it and encourages sports and music which will be of good benefit to my learning. I will also see a lot of one to one teaching which is something I have not seen a lot of in practice and am sure this will benefit my own professional practice.

Being a keen musician and also enjoying craft work I hope I will be able to bring my talents to the school and teach the children something different. My professionalism and willingness to succeed in everything that I do is something which I believe the school will find refreshing. I have a strong background working with early years and although during my time at Moulsford I would prefer to shadow and teach the older classes, I will be able to share a lot of ideas within the early years section of the school. I am a very positive and happy person which in a school with so many values is key. I am good at working in teams, which at Moulsford you need to be as well as good at talking to parents, which I hope I get the opportunity to do.

This placement will be a wonderful experience for me. I am very excited and feel extremely lucky to be attending Moulsford Prep school for my Learning from Life placement.


437 words.


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