How did my gender affect me as a child?

Growing up, I was always out climbing trees or playing football with the boys. I loved rolling in mud and going home filthy – although my mum didn’t see the fun of it. Growing up with boys, I was never really ‘girlie’ and would rather be outside running around. Looking back, I feel the only times I can think of being treated unfairly by them was when I was never allowed to be part of their football team. As I was a girl they believed that I wasn’t any good at football as it was seen as a boys sport. Instead, I was always given the boring job of being the referee. I always moaned about this, however, they insisted that it was a very important job and I should feel lucky to have been given it. This continued into high school when girls would pick football to do during PE, however, would never be picked by any of the boys and the teacher would have to assign us to teams.

Overall, I don’t believe that gender affected my childhood majorly, apart from small things I can remember. I do believe that gender inequality is a big problem within schools and therefore, should be dealt with.


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