What do these terms mean for a teacher?

Patience – Patience is something that is essential in being a teacher, you have to understand that someone may not understand something at all and you need to be able to allow them time to grasp whatever concept it is without getting or showing any kind of frustration no matter how long it takes for them.

Kindness – For me you need to be kind to be a teacher, my memories of amazing primary school teachers are always the ones who were kind and caring towards all their pupils. It makes it so much easier for a child to approach you with any kind of problem they may have if you are a kind person.

Fairness – This is something which you need to be careful with as a teacher, you need to make sure you treat all the children the same no matter what. If a child feels you are treating them unfairly they wont enjoy having you as a teacher and coming into your class.

Empathy – This is something which is crucial in being a teacher, you need to be able to understand the feelings of others. A child may be going through something out of school which could affect their behaviour in school, you need to be able to understand why they may be acting different in the classroom and try help get to the root of the problem.

Self-control – Being able to control your emotions can be something that is hard especially if you are in a difficult situation as a teacher. Also if something is happening in your life outwith your job you have to come in to the classroom and be the same as you always are, this could be difficult but you need to be able to keep your emotions under control until you leave the classroom and not let it affect your teaching.

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