Professional and Academic Development

Below is a start to my development of skills both academically and professionally. I wanted to reflect honestly and also document any evidence I already have. These skills come from the reflective piece I wrote on Blackboard in My Journal.

Recognition Reflection Action
Skills already developed How will I use these How do I know (evidence)**
 Converse Confidently  To open up dialogue and discussion within my peer group, with professionals and with children. Being able to empathise and build rapport through conversation. Showcasing my own thoughts and feelings while also listening to those of others. Conversing with others also opens up new connections. Conversations work best when the other party feel truly listened to and I believe I am a good listener.  Throughout my life I have used conversation to both gain and impart knowledge. It is such a transferable skill and I have no qualms when it comes to striking up new conversations with relative strangers. I use this in my day-to-day life and will continue to use this in my professional career.



Recognition Reflection Action
Skills to be developed How will I develop these How do I know (evidence)**
 Set Personal Goals  First step to develop this skill is to actually set some personal goals and write these down so I can reflect on development and succeed.  Getting into university was a personal goal but I need to work on the conviction behind my own abilities.
 Team Work  Set about creating more peer interaction. Document and reflect on any team exercises set within the course. Put myself forward for more team based activities going on within the university. I have used this in work so draw upon that knowledge.  Developing more team work skills within the Working Together module, through discussion and shared responsibility.
 Manage Time  Keep a firmer grasp on the timetable and how this interacts with childcare. Utilise time wisely and complete tasks when they are fresh in my mind. Ask peers for hints and tips.
 Use Technology  Continue to use the E-Portfolio and allow myself time to get to grips with the importance of technology on my chosen career in education. Try to use available technology on placement so I have practical experience actually transferring this skill to children.  I posted a blog post on my E-Portfolio regarding technology so I was able to show progress has already been made.
 Organise and Plan  Ask peers for help and pointers on how best to organise if that is a skill they have. Find a style of planning that suits my artistic tendencies. Reflect on times where organisation was key to getting a favourable outcome. Research mock plans for going on placement. Try to de-clutter my personal and work spaces.
 Think Critically  Research and analyse when possible. Do reading out-with the lectures to gain a broader sense of the subject and a more critical view. Actively evaluate my own learning within the E-Portfolio. Use reasoning to reach a professional outcome to questions and tasks.  I have work and school based experience to build a model on for further development in this skill


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