Embracing Technology

Going from oh no to OK in a few easy steps….

During the first week we were introduced to ICT and social media in a hands on, interactive style and I can’t thank the lecturers more! I was not scared of using social media or modern technology but I definitely had apprehensions about how well I would fair at using them productively (what if it breaks?!?). Sharron had us on a QR hunt using the app i-nigma to scan QR codes and gather information around campus in a “who dunnit” style task.

At the end of the morning I not only felt more at ease embracing technology but also had ideas on how I could implement these within my own journey to become a teacher. Imagine a group of p4’s on a treasure hunt around a school… trying to gather clues, work collaboratively, keep track of information and develop their own ICT skills. I certainly have much more to learn and develop but this is something I would like to revisit when on placement.

Derek had us questioning our place in the current world of social media and the prevalence it holds with today’s children. It got me thinking about how I learn, how often I’ve gone to YouTube for quick videos on aspects of parenting or even how to pleat hair. Those short video clips have stayed with me and what’s not to say they wouldn’t have the same impact in a classroom.  Maybe letting children film small info videos on current subjects and letting their confidence and awareness of the world around them grow? Plenty to reflect upon…. and here I am blogging?!


3 thoughts on “Embracing Technology

  1. Margo Williamson

    It is fantastic to read about enthusiasm for the use of technology in the classroom.
    Spread the word.
    Enjoy your programme.

  2. Rebecca MacDonald

    This is a lovely blog to read about technology. I agree with everyone word you said. I also agree about using the app in the primary schools and allowing children to explore technology. 🙂

  3. Lauren Duncan

    I didn’t even know what a QR code was before Sharrons input, it was so fun and I feel so confident with it now! So nice reading how you’ve enjoyed all these technology inputs too! I am also very guilty of using youtube to get hair tutorials…… Great minds think alike!


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