Why I chose discovering mathematics

Matmathshs has always been an interest to me, during my years as a primary school student I loved to learn the different mathematical concepts, this may be due to having an extremely enthusiastic teacher especially when it came to maths. I always found maths fun in primary school with exciting games and activities that helped to develop my understanding and knowledge of the subject. This excitement however did not continue into secondary education.

As I made the huge jump from primary to secondary school I began to dislike maths and dread the time when I had to go to class. The difference from primary school was huge, rather that playing games and doing fun activities I was now required to sit and complete equations from a textbook. Maths in primary school was learning things that I could use in every day life such as telling the time and currency where as in high school I didn’t see the use of the majority of the thinks that I was learning and I therefore became disengaged in the subject.

In order to be successful as a teacher I must be able to teach the basics fundamentals of mathematics to the pupils in my class, due to my disengagement in secondmath-symbol-clipartary school I forgot the basics of maths such as multiplication and division because I was so focused on the more difficult stuff. I therefore took this module to recap and broaden my knowledge of mathematics.

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