Why teaching?

My love for learning has contributed to my desire in passing on my knowledge and sharing my experiences with others. I completed many voluntary placements in primary schools and this helped me realise that teaching was the path I wanted to follow. During my time in one school in particular I got to learn more about the day to day life of a teacher, this further inspired me to want to become a teacher that was enthusiastic and spreaded positivity.

I hope to be like my primary five teacher as I had never imagined being a primary school teacher until then. She always told me that teaching is a rewarding experience and that I have the ability to be just like her.

2 thoughts on “Why teaching?

  1. Zuleka Ismail

    Hi, It’s great reading your post and getting to know more about your perspective towards teaching. I agree with your view and feel that my class teachers played an important role in inspiring my future career.

  2. Hannah Stillwell

    This is a nice post to read and I agree that teachers can really influence our aspirations. When I was little I loved my teachers so much I would go home and play pretend teachers with my friends- here I am now actually studying to become one.

    I look forward to reading more posts from you.


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