A reflection of my understanding of my academic skills

Online Unit- 2B)

After spending time working on unit 2 of the online modules, it’s come to my attention that my knowledge and understanding of basic grammar is in particular need of developing. I’ve realised that although I feel confident in my writing abilities, I desperately need to address my understanding of the English language ‘rules’ when it comes to writing as well as furthering my knowledge of why things are the way they are. I found the Study Skills Book (pages 252-265) particularly useful when it came to defining common grammar terms and what they are used for.

As well as highlighting specific areas that I am in need of developing, I also found the exercises encouraging. For example, when reading the assigned pages of the Study Skills Book, I felt comfortable and confident with the information regarding sentences and paragraphs.

I think over all it was a useful exercise for me to systematically address my knowledge of the basics and I now feel more secure in my understanding of my own academic skills and abilities.

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