How did my gender affect me at school?

In my primary school ‘gender inequality’ wasn’t a phrase I ever remember hearing. But I also don’t remember the divide between girls and boys being too overpowering. Growing up I was definitely more of a ‘tom boy’ than a girlie girl; I played football and I wore trousers as my school uniform instead of a skirt like the other girls. But it was never much of a problem!

Thinking about it now, the most obvious divide between gender in school was in the playground. Most of the boys played football during lunch (most of the girls weren’t allowed to play) and the girls played tig. I was desperate to join the boys but because I wasn’t one of them, I had to ask if I was allowed to play every single lunchtime where the boys were automatically put into one of the teams, no matter how good or bad they were at playing. It took me until P5 to be officially accepted into the Balloch lunch-time league. The day that someone said to me ‘och you don’t have to ask to play anymore, you’re one of us’ was definitely the most fabulous day of my primary school life.

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