Changing Education Paradigms

It seems that the current education system is conforming to the ideologies of the education system created years ago. Children are being taught for the sole purpose that they can then fit and contribute to the country’s economy. It’s designed to split the children into two groups; those that are academic and will be able to contribute and those that are non academic. Those that are deemed as ‘academic’ are then focused on to ensure they fulfil their potential, achieve the grade go go to college/university and graduate with a degree that will guarantee them a job. However, children are bored of this system. They no longer believe that the route to them gaining a job is through school and higher education. There is no guarantee that by having a degree you are guaranteed a job so many don’t see the point to it. On the route to achieving this, what they think of themselves is being subconsciously narrowed.

People work better by collaborating with each other yet are continuously being measured individually, purely because that has always been the way humans have been tested. Why continue doing this if we know it’s not the optimum way to do? We have to get over the old mindset of education and think about the present. Children are being alienated to fit in with social structures- they are being taught to fit the suspected economy of the future when the economy right here and now is constantly changing.

A child’s imagination is being hampered by education. It’s been proven that a child’s ability of divergent thinking generally deteriorates as they become educated. What does this say about their education?

We shouldn’t just be conforming to an education that worked for the people of the past; we have to think about what will benefit the children of right now. We need to think about what will allow them to develop academic and creatively because only then will they become the best they can be. As much as we should care about the future of the country and its economic situation we should put the welfare and education of the people within that country first. Only then will they will be happy and well rounded citizens which will make for a happy and well rounded, successful country.

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