My Inner Search

Having spent over a decade serving as a firefighter, I began to realise that something within my core wasn’t satisfied. Like a rumbling tummy when hunger sets in, I no longer felt content at the end of the working day; I didn’t feel challenged, I didn’t actually feel anything in all honesty. The job had changed so much over my short time there and although I still loved the thought that I was able to ‘make a difference’ within my role, I just knew – deep down inside – that I needed something new. I wanted something that would challenge me: mentally, physically and emotionally. I wanted to feed my appetite, I wanted to quash my inner turmoil.

Had I tried to discuss my feeling of discontent to just anyone, I’d have probably been told that I was “crazy” and “needed my head examined”. I was well aware that I had a career which many would have jumped through hoops for; and often many did in the attempt to gain a position that I occupied. However, I knew I had done all I could and to the best of my ability. I wanted to look to the future and a challenge that would now see me through to a happy, and well-deserved retirement. A retirement where I could look back fondly at all I had achieved and one with many exciting and inspiring tales to tell to my grandchildren.

When I spoke about the unrest which I was experiencing, with those nearest and dearest to me- those that knew me better than I often knew myself – I soon realised that the next chapter in my life was ready to be written. Now was the time to jolt away from my comfort zone, and instead move towards somewhere brand new and rousing. With their support and encouragement, I made the switch and re-entered education; 18years after I had initially departed it.

I had been fortunate to occupy a role inside the training division during my final few years of service. Having the opportunity to learn for myself, whilst teaching others, re-ignited the fire that once burned bright inside my soul. Learning new materials and practices to deliver to the masses only added fuel to my inner flame. I had a newfound passion to educate others which allowed me to feel challenged and content. I knew just what I wanted to do. I knew just what I had to do. I knew what I needed to do.

I must teach!

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