Why I thought Teaching was for me.

From a very young age, I have always had an ambition of being the main inspirational role to those younger than me. This feeling came from being an eldest sibling of four and having that constant mature and responsible role wherever I went and whatever I did. Mainly, by sitting with my younger siblings after dinner with their homework; teaching them their adding and subtracting sums on a whiteboard; and using my own knowledge of maths to demonstrate ways in which they could improve their learning and have fun at the same time. Making registers and marking grids, along with handing out golden stars to the best answers and handing out star awards – these were all ways which directed me to the career path I have chosen to pursue today.

Deciding if this is what I wanted to study at university, I took on the responsibility of finding work experience in a Primary School during my 6th year in high school. This allowed me to see the classroom in action from a classroom assistant/teacher’s point of view rather than a pupils. It then gave me that reassurance and satisfaction as I knew that this was the career path which I wanted to take.

Becoming a Primary Teacher not only includes teaching children their Literacy, Numeracy and Language. It brings the greater responsibility of nurturing young children in your care to become strong, responsible and confident individuals in order for them to be prepared for their life journeys ahead of them. It involves providing a safe environment where they can thrive to become the best they can be. Embedding key values into children such as social justice – engaging them into current issues around the world to encourage their learning to lead them onto a better future. By working alongside other professions involved in the educational communities in order to further develop children’s understanding of the outside world.  Being a part of a young person’s life at such a crucial stage makes it even more clear as to why I knew Primary Teaching was for me.

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