My Experience with School/Teaching

When I look back on my own experience throughout school, I was very lucky to enjoy every year of it. I think about the teachers who inspired me and helped me find confidence within myself, and I think about the lessons that have continued to stay with me even after leaving. I’ve always wanted to be in a job that has an impact on people, but I couldn’t think of anything I really wanted to do after I had left school, as school was one of the only things I genuinely enjoyed. I then realised that by being a teacher myself, I could carry on doing things I loved every day as well as having an impact on people. I started placement in my local primary school in 6th year and this only confirmed my enthusiasm. I began to see many more aspects of teaching and got to experience how rewarding the job really is. Every week I would see improvements in the group of children I had been working with, and I felt that my relationship with them would get stronger with every lesson. Seeing these improvements in my class made me feel like I was making a difference, something that I found greatly motivating and valuable. Something else that surprisingly pushed me towards working in education was teachers that I didn’t particularly agree with. I always thought if I was going to be a teacher, I wanted to do it differently to ways I’ve experienced with a few of my own teachers. I know I will show pupils the same respect as I’d show a colleague and I know I will be patient with any children who are struggling, as every child’s mind works differently and not all will understand something the first time around. By going into a primary teaching course, I believe I’m making a difference, and even if it’s only one child I make an impact on, I still find that really rewarding.

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