My Aims for Placement

I aim to build up trusting relationships with the pupils in my class so, if they have a problem, they can come to me. I would also like to become an active member in the school, both with the children and staff. I want to be an enthusiastic teacher who motivates and engages my pupils, also challenging them to become more effective learners. I also want to further my knowledge of the curriculum and be able to adapt different lessons for different subjects to suit what I am teaching- while also bringing in new methods and teaching styles to my lessons in order to engage the pupils- e.g. bring in relatable and relevant content for the children to my lessons. I would like to put the foundation steps to becoming a well-rounded and enthusiastic trainee teacher. I want to have my first exposure to training to be a teacher. To be honest, I really aim to survive the workload and pressure that comes with placement.

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