Einstein was wrong…

Einstein once said: “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education”. An odd quote, perhaps. However, I have never claimed to be Einstein and will never claim to be. To me, Einstein was wrong. Education inspires, enlightens and drives children to prosper and be the best they can be and as an educator, we are the driving factor that molds society’s future generation. We inspire learners to fulfill their full potential and blossom into positive contributors to society by the means of education. So therefore, in my opinion, Einstein was wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, if you had asked me when I was primary school aged whether or not I enjoyed school, you would have probably gotten a shrug of the shoulders and a “I don’t really know”. However, I did spend my evenings and weekends making class registers and preparing lessons for my sister. I was the teacher, of course. I enjoyed the learning aspect of school to an extent but it was the admiration and esteem I had for my teachers that drove me to where I am today. Take my first teacher, for example. My first bit of exposure to education-a daunting experience for a 5 year old. However within the first few moments in her class, any anxiety that I had had was gone. This was transferred throughout the rest of school career. I found school a nurturing and enabling place, although some subjects were not my favourite but that comes part in parcel with life, doesn’t it? However, even in areas that I was not the most confident, I was offered help and guidance to assist my development. Therefore, it is this guidance and positive experience that has crystallized teaching as the vocation for me.

Many aspects of teaching appeal to me, and positively influencing a child’s development is a major factor. Primary education is fundamental to a child’s intellectual and social growth and it is through their education that children develops. So therefore, Einstein was wrong about education.

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