Key features for a good science lesson

Key Features of a good science lesson:

A good science lesson:

  • is designed to stimulate the interest and motivation of children
  • allows flexibility and choice
  • teacher need to have strong subject expertise and be enthusiastic about their subject
  • creates a positive ethos for learning
  • includes opportunities to allow children to become actively involved in their learning by using questioning
  • allows children to independently or collaboratively with others – allowing them to discuss and reflect on ideas and their experiences.
  • Includes the use of cooperative learning techniques with children and young people to develop these skills.
  • develop citizenship skills by providing appropriate opportunities for children to develop respect and learn to care for living things such as: eco gardens
  • making good use of current issues
  • provides opportunities for learning out-of-doors, field trips, visits to science centres, local, national and sometimes international facilities.
  • Investigation work helps
  • Scientific communication
  • Higher-order thinking skills – helps challenge study in-depth in open-ended investigation and projects
  • Outdoor learning promote early science skills and develop children’s interests

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