Why I chose to study Teaching

For many years, I have held a strong passion to pursue a career within the teaching field. Yet, it was from work experience that gave me my first real insight into the world of education and, for me, truly ignited my drive to become a future Primary school teacher.

During my time at Oaklands school, I learned how to educate and take care of the children, enabling each and every child to interact and feel involved in the activities within their classes. Furthermore, I was able to shadow the teachers and learning support staff on what was required to provide pupils with a safe and enjoyable environment that encourages their learning. Throughout this experience I was instantly captivated by the care and dedication the teachers put into their work. Additionally, as my brother was a pupil at Oaklands at the time, by working alongside him, I found the experience to also be very personal. Although the responsibilities given to me were often challenging and demanding, my time working at the school was very fulfilling and the experience overall was extremely rewarding. As a result of my thorough enjoyment of working at Oaklands, I was, and continued to be, keen on further advancing my work experience in the teaching field in order to become a future Primary school teacher.

In addition, during my spare time in 6th form I volunteered within the primary school, whereby I was given the opportunity to help out twice a week with various classes from younger year groups in both the classroom and in physical education. This experience was beneficial as it added to my experience of working with children in different learning environments. Moreover, the experience of being able to assist in the junior school granted me additional insight and understanding of the teaching world, as well as continuing to significantly enhance my passion to pursue teaching as a profession. Alongside this, my involvement in the school’s Combined Cadet Force (CCF), as well as having attended various CCF camps over the summer holidays, in which I was required to teach a number of younger cadets the basic principles of CCF, allowed me to obtain and use communicative, collaborative and leadership skills; some of the many qualities I feel are vital in the teaching profession.

For me, the Primary teacher is the first of many role models a child looks up to at a particularly influential stage of their life. Therefore, I believe that it is important for any and every Primary teacher to obtain and portray a variety of qualities, such as patience, communication, and understanding that, in my opinion, are vital for each and every child’s character development, let alone in the teaching profession as a whole. Furthermore, I strongly believe that, from obtaining these qualities myself throughout work experience, let alone within the everyday, overtime, my own character has developed for the better. As a result, my passion for pursuing primary teaching as a future profession has not only given me an insight into the world of education, but has also allowed me to obtain and develop various qualities that I can put to use in a classroom environment that will enable me to help shape the minds of the future generations.

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