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The Value of Reflection as a Primary Teacher

In relation to, ‘The Standard of Provisional Registration,’ section 3.4.2, the professional action of, ‘working collaboratively to share their professional learning and development with colleagues,’ specifically linked to my own experiences within semester one.  One of the key modules that I was required to complete within semester one consisted of the ‘Working Together’ module.  Throughout this module, I was required to work alongside students from CLD, Social Work and fellow Education students.  We had to work in a collaborative manner in order to create an assessed presentation.  Approaching the end of the module, we were required to provide peer feedback to each member of our group.  This process of reflection really allowed me to gain an insight into the strengths and weaknesses that I brought to the group.  It gave me the opportunity to reflect on my role within the group and my relationship with my peers.  Also, through this process of reflection, I was made aware of the importance that reflection has within my role as a future primary school teacher.  It provides me with the chance to improve upon my practice and work towards becoming a better primary practitioner.