The Importance of a Positive Attitude When Teaching Maths

Before attending my first maths input with Tara, I was quite nervous regarding whether or not I would be any good at teaching the subject.  Although, my opinion on teaching maths very quickly changed as I progressed throughout the workshop.

As soon as we began the lesson, Tara initially discussed the ‘maths anxieties’ that many individual’s deal with, especially as primary teachers and as a result this suddenly eased my nerves.  Although there are some aspects of maths that I feel comfortable with, there are also many areas, such as algebra, that I feel I may struggle with in the near future, as a primary school teacher.

Tara also expressed some of her own concerns as a fully qualified maths teacher, such as struggling with mental maths and how she prefers to write down her working out on paper.  This assures me that just because I may struggle with certain areas of maths, does not mean that I can’t effectively and enthusiastically teach the subject.

One key point that Tara addressed within the workshop, consisted of the importance of enthusiasm and positivity that all teachers should direct towards maths.  If a teacher displays a negative attitude towards the subject, then it is most likely that this will be passed on to the children in relation to learning maths.  Whereas, if a positive and excited approach is used when teaching maths, it will reflect on the pupils and positively influence the outcome of their work.

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