The Importance of Dance within the Classroom

Before attending the dance class, I was exceptionally nervous, as I am aware that dance is not one of my strong points.  I also was unsure of how dance could benefit children within the classroom.  Although, despite this, my perception of dance has widely changed since completing the session with Eilidh.

At the beginning of the class, we were shown multiple, child-friendly resources that could be used effectively within the classroom to teach dance.  Eilidh also outlined the range of benefits involved with dance, such as increased confidence and positive determination and aspects such as learning from each other and working together, either in pairs or as groups.  Within the session, we then proceeded to gather round in a circle to carry out a warm-up activity.  This allowed everyone to get over their initial anxiety in relation to dancing in front of others.  We were later placed into pairs, which allowed each individual to feel more comfortable, as they had someone they could rely on and share ideas.

Within each pair, we were asked to create a way in which we could travel across the room.  Each pair took a very different approach to this, which made the lesson all the more interesting.  Following this, we were asked to split the room in two and each side of the room had their chance to travel across the room in their pairs.  We then had to demonstrate our routine to another pair and likewise follow their routine.  In our new groups, we had to create a routine that we performed in front of the class, which allowed us to develop confidence whilst also having fun.

There were many aspects that I took away from Eilidh’s class that I will take forward into placement, that I feel would be beneficial within the classroom.  One key message that I took away from the dance class, was the importance of a safe space, free from prejudice and where the children feel supported by their peers.  An idea that I also took from the lesson, consisted of the use of videos showcasing different styles of dance at the beginning of the lesson.  This allowed children to see an example of what they were asked to do and enabled them to access a variety of cultures.  One of the main aspects that I took away from the dance lesson consisted of Eilidh’s persistent enthusiasm and passion for dance.  This is how I aim to act towards dance within my own classroom, as I feel it puts children more at ease and allows them to express themselves and have fun!

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