What brought me to teaching?

I look back on my primary experience and realise that there are some teachers that I can still remember exactly what they taught and how they taught it. I soon realised that I wanted to be able to have that same affect on someone. To be able to teach children key skills that they will use throughout their whole life gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I enjoy seeing people learn and to have some part in that fills me with pride.

This was later confirmed when I carried out work experience in a nursery, where I saw just how important these practitioners were in affecting young peoples lives. The children trust that they will not only be looked after but be taught the skills they need later on to achieve their dreams.

Teaching has come a long way in the past few years, with technology advancing and becoming more readily used. I believe that teachers have to adapt with the times and use these advances in technology to benefit the pupils education and their own teaching style.

1 thought on “What brought me to teaching?

  1. Jonathan Brown

    You are right Julia, there are many new technologies available to support and enhance learning. Are there any particular technologies that you are drawn to or have seen used well? It would be interesting to hear how you begin to interact with and make use of these new technologies.

    You might want to start by having a look at Kahoot: http://www.kahoot.com


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